Strawberry Boba (aka Strawberry Milk Tea) (2023)

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Strawberry Boba (aka Strawberry Milk Tea) pairs sweet and tangy strawberries with creamy coconut milk and chewy brown sugar boba pearls for a drink that’s fun, fruity, and refreshing.

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Boba lovers, get ready for a new favorite! If you’re like me and enjoy making boba at home, you’re going to want to bookmark this strawberry bubble tea. It will be your go-to spring and summertime drink!

But don’t worry if you’re new to bubble tea. I guide you through the whole process and you’ll see how easy it is to make delicious café quality boba drinks at home.

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What is Strawberry Boba?

Also called strawberry bubble tea or strawberry milk tea, strawberry boba is a combination of strawberries, milk, tea, a sweetener, and tapioca pearls (aka boba).

There are a ton of different ways that you can make this drink!

Strawberry and Tea Components

For starters, the strawberry component. You can use strawberry tea (instead of green tea, black tea, or white tea) for the most intense strawberry flavor.

A lot of strawberry teas on the market are fruity infusions (known as a tisane) that blend a variety of fruits, herbs, and/or spices. And many of them include hibiscus, which turns the tea a really vibrant shade of pink.

In addition to strawberry tea, I like to add either dried strawberries or fresh strawberries to really bump up the strawberry flavor.

That takes care of the strawberry and tea components of strawberry milk tea boba. So let’s talk about the milk next!


You can use any type of milk (or plant based vegan milk) that you like to make strawberry milk tea. I like using coconut milk because its super creamy texture and light coconut flavor pair really well with sweet/tart strawberries.

My preference is canned full-fat unsweetened coconut milk because it’s the most rich and creamy, and I find that it floats really beautifully on top of the strawberry tea. It makes this drink absolutely gorgeous, and bonus, it keeps this drink vegan!


For the sweetener, I like to use simple syrup, which is a mixture of sugar and water that’s brought to a boil to dissolve the sugar and create a syrup. This type of sweetener is easy to make and dissolves really well in cold beverages, such as bubble tea.

If you want to use regular sugar, I recommend stirring it in while the tea is still hot so the sugar fully dissolves.

Boba vs Popping Pearls

And last but not least, let’s talk boba!

I’m not a fan of popping pearls, which are essentially little spheres filled with juice or flavored sugar syrups, and have a transparent thin skin that frequently contains extracts from seaweed or algae. I find that the flavor of popping boba is usually way too sickly sweet for me!

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Instead, I like to use traditional boba, which are chewy little balls made from tapioca starch. Brown sugar boba is my favorite; the intense caramel and molasses notes of brown sugar pair really well with the black licorice notes of boba.

Combining strawberry tea with fresh strawberries, coconut milk, and boba yields a perfect strawberry bubble tea that’s sweet, tangy, and fruity, rich and creamy, and fun with chewy tapioca pearls!

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

  • Gorgeous color. This pink boba tea is bright and cheerful! We use strawberry tea (which is actually a fruity infusion known as a tisane because there’s no real tea in it), and typically has hibiscus as an ingredient. This is what lends the stunning color to this drink.
  • Creamy coconut. The creamy richness of coconut milk perfectly rounds out the flavor of sweet and tangy strawberries. Plus it keeps this drink vegan! And last but not least, it floats on top of the tea, which makes this boba drink even more special.
  • Save money by making boba at home! If you’re a regular boba drinker but you’ve never made it at home, get ready to be surprised at how easy it is. And you’ll save a ton of money!
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The Best Strawberry Milk Tea (Strawberry Boba) Recipe

Strawberry Boba Ingredients

In this section I explain the ingredients. For the full recipe (including ingredient amounts), please see the recipe card below.

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Brown Sugar Boba:

  • Water – for boiling the boba
  • Black tapioca pearls – aka boba
  • Dark brown sugar – to sweeten the boba

Strawberry Milk Tea Ingredients:

  • Hot water – this is for brewing the tea
  • Strawberry tea bags – in the recipe, I give a ton of different options you can use, including a fruity infusion, green tea, white tea, black tea, or rooibos herbal tea
  • Fresh strawberries – or you can use dried strawberries
  • Simple syrup – this is the sweetener in our strawberry bubble tea; you can use any type of sweetener you like
  • Ice – strawberry milk tea is best served icy-cold
  • Canned coconut milk – you can use light coconut milk, but I prefer full-fat for the creamiest texture and richest flavor

How to Make Strawberry Milk Tea

Step 1: Make the Brown Sugar Boba:

Boil the tapioca pearls for 20 minutes, and then rinse and drain them (reserving some of the cooking liquid). Transfer them to back to the pot they cooked in along with the reserved cooking liquid and some brown sugar, and let them steep for 20 minutes. Drain the boba except for 2 tablespoons of the liquid. It’s ready to use!

For step-by-step pictures showing how to make boba, take a look at my post How to Make Bubble Tea (Easy Boba Tea Recipe).

Step 2: Make the Strawberry Tea:

Steep the tea bags in the hot water until it’s brewed how strong you like it. If you’re using dried strawberries, add them now and they can steep along with the tea bags.

Let the tea cool to room temperature. At this point, you can either strain out the dried strawberries or leave them in.

If you’re using fresh strawberries, now is the time to add them; you can lightly mash some of them with a fork if you want, but leave some of the slices intact.

Step 3: Assemble the Strawberry Boba Drinks:

To each of 4 glasses, add the following in this order: 2 tablespoons simple syrup, 1/2 cup prepared boba, 1/2 cup strawberry tea (including the strawberry slices if you’re using fresh strawberries), and 3/4 cup ice, and then pour 1/2 cup coconut milk on top.

Serve immediately.

Strawberry Milk Tea FAQs

What Type of Tea Can I Use for Strawberry Bubble Tea?

There are quite a few different types of tea that work well for making strawberry milk tea. You can use true tea – green tea, black tea, or white tea – or you can use an herbal tea (also known as a tisane or an infusion).

But the options don’t end there! You can also use a strawberry flavored tea or tisane.

Here are a few good tea and caffeine-free herbal tea options for making this drink:

  • Wild Strawberry Infusion – Like the name says, this is an infusion and not a true tea, which means it doesn’t contain caffeine. This is one of my favorite tea brands, I find their flavors are crisp, clean, and true to description. This blend contains the following: hibiscus, apples, elderberries, strawberries, sweet blackberry leaves, flavoring (strawberry and vanilla), and orange peels. Because of the hibiscus, this herbal tea will brew up to be a gorgeous shade of pink. (This is my top choice of tea for this recipe.)
  • Green Tea with Strawberry – If you like green tea, the flavor of strawberry is a really delicious pairing with it. This is a great tea brand, and this particular product is a blend of green tea with strawberry and vanilla flavors.
  • Black Tea with Strawberry – This is another great tea company from London. This blend contains black tea with strawberry and vanilla flavorings.
  • White Tea with Strawberry – This is a blend of organic white tea, organic hibiscus, organic safflower, and natural strawberry flavor. Because of the hibiscus, it’ll have a bright pink color, and I really like the crisp, clean, almost floral flavor of white tea paired with strawberry.
  • Red Rooibos Tea with Strawberry – Rooibos isn’t actually tea; rather, it’s an herb that you steep like tea that brews up to be a reddish-brownish drink. This blend contains rooibos, as well as strawberry and vanilla flavors.

No matter what tea you use, brew it on the strong side because it will be diluted with milk and ice.

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Does Strawberry Milk Tea Have Caffeine?

That depends on the type of tea that you use to make it. If you use an herbal tea (or infusion or tisane) or a decaffeinated tea, your strawberry milk tea will be caffeine free.

What Type of Milk Can I Use to Make Strawberry Milk Tea?

The sky is the limit here! You can use any type of milk that you like or have on hand, including vegan milks.

However, I recommend using an unsweetened, unflavored milk because we add our own sweetener and flavorings to this drink.

My favorite type of milk to use here is canned full-fat coconut milk. Its thick, rich, and creamy, and floats beautifully on top of the strawberry tea.

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What Kind of Sweetener Can I Use in Strawberry Boba?

You really can use any type of sweetener you like.

If you want to keep this bubble tea vegan, make sure to use a vegan sweetener. Additionally, if you want to keep the carbs as low as possible, use a keto friendly sweetener.

I find that simple syrup works well because it dissolves easily, even in cold drinks. However, if you don’t have simple syrup and don’t feel like making it, you can add a granulated sweetener to the tea while it’s still hot and stir until it’s fully dissolved.

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  • Fresh Strawberry Cookies Recipe – these taste like a strawberry Danish pastry
  • Strawberry Grilled Cheese – part sweet, part savory and completely delicious
  • Strawberry Coffee Cake Recipe – great for brunch, dessert, or a snack with coffee or tea
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Strawberry Boba (aka Strawberry Milk Tea) (9)

Strawberry Boba (Strawberry Milk Tea)

By: Faith Gorsky

Strawberry Boba (aka Strawberry Milk Tea) pairs sweet and tangy strawberries with creamy coconut milk and chewy brown sugar boba pearls for a drink that’s fun, fruity, and refreshing.

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Prep Time 20 minutes mins

Cook Time 20 minutes mins

Time for the Boba to Steep 20 minutes mins

Course Drinks

Cuisine Taiwanese

Servings 4 servings

Calories 526 kcal



Strawberry Milk Tea:


For the Boba:

  • Add the water to a 5-quart pot, and bring to a boil. Once the water is boiling, add the tapioca pearls and boil for 20 minutes. They will float to the top fairly early in the cooking process; when this happens give them a stir.

  • After boiling for 20 minutes, reserve 2 cups of the cooking liquid, and then rinse and drain the boba.

  • Put the boba back into the pot. Stir in the reserved 2 cups of cooking liquid and the brown sugar. Cover the pot and let the boba steep for 20 minutes. Drain the boba except for 2 tablespoons of the liquid (this small amount of liquid will help prevent the pearls from sticking together).

For the Strawberry Milk Tea:

  • While the boba is steeping, make the tea.

  • Steep the tea bags in the hot water until it’s brewed how strong you like it (I recommend brewing it a little on the strong side because it will be diluted). If you’re using dried strawberries, add them now and they can steep along with the tea bags.

  • Let the tea cool to room temperature. At this point, you can either strain out the dried strawberries or leave them in. And if you’re using fresh strawberries, now is the time to add them; you can lightly mash some of them with a fork if you want, but leave some of the slices intact.

To Assemble the Bubble Milk Tea:

  • To each of 4 glasses, add the following in this order: 2 tablespoons simple syrup, 1/2 cup prepared boba, 1/2 cup strawberry tea (including strawberry slices if you’re using fresh strawberries), and 3/4 cup ice, and then pour 1/2 cup coconut milk on top.

  • Serve immediately.

Faith’s Tips

  • How Much Boba This Makes: 1 2/3 cups of dry black tapioca pearls cooks up to be about 2 cups of prepared boba. About 1/2 cup of prepared boba is a good amount for each drink, so you will get 4 drinks from 1 2/3 cups of dry tapioca pearls.
  • Simple Syrup: To make about 1/4 cup of simple syrup, combine 1/4 cup granulated sugar and 1/4 cup filtered water in a small saucepan over medium heat. Bring to a boil, and then boil for 30 seconds. Remove from the heat and cool to room temperature before using. Feel free to add more or less to taste.
  • Other Sweeteners: If you don’t have simple syrup and don’t feel like making it, you can add regular sugar (or any granulated sweetener) to the tea while it’s still hot and stir until it’s fully dissolved.
  • Best Served Immediately: Cooked tapioca pearls continue to absorb liquid. This causes them to expand more and take on a gummy texture. Additionally, you may have trouble getting them through a straw (even a large bubble tea straw) if this drink sits for quite a while.
  • Can I Prepare Boba in Advance? For the best flavor and texture, I recommend eating boba immediately after making it. However, if you prepare extra tapioca pearls, you can store them in simple syrup in the fridge for up to 2 days.
  • What Type of Tea to Use: If you don’t want to use strawberry tisane, here are a few tea options that work well: Green Tea with Strawberry, Black Tea with Strawberry, White Tea with Strawberry, and Red Rooibos Tea with Strawberry.
(Video) Let’s make some strawberry popping boba 🍓 POP!


Nutrition Facts

Strawberry Boba (Strawberry Milk Tea)

Amount Per Serving

Calories 526Calories from Fat 63

% Daily Value*

Fat 7g11%

Saturated Fat 7g44%

Polyunsaturated Fat 0.1g

Monounsaturated Fat 0.02g

Sodium 157mg7%

Potassium 106mg3%

Carbohydrates 116g39%

Fiber 1g4%

Sugar 47g52%

Protein 0.4g1%

Vitamin A 4IU0%

Vitamin C 21mg25%

Calcium 63mg6%

Iron 3mg17%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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Does strawberry milk tea taste like strawberry milk? ›

What does strawberry milk tea taste like? This strawberry bubble tea tastes like fresh strawberries with a dash of creaminess from the milk and a subtle tea flavor. The tea is not too strong in this recipe, but helps balance out the sweetness from the strawberry syrup.

What is strawberry boba tea made of? ›

Strawberry bubble tea (also called strawberry milk tea) is a fruity drink made with green tea, strawberry syrup, milk, ice, and tapioca balls. Store-bought or homemade strawberry syrup can be used. The syrup colors, sweetens, and flavors the drink.

Is strawberry milk tea boba healthy? ›

Strawberry boba tea can have many health benefits. It is high in vitamins, fibre, phytochemicals, antioxidants, protein, and other nutrients such as folate and potassium, but the spotlight goes to it having very low calories.

How much caffeine is in strawberry milk tea? ›

Does this drink have caffeine? Strawberry milk tea uses black tea that contains caffeine. A cup of black tea usually has about 47g of caffeine. That's half the amount of a cup of coffee.

Is strawberry a good boba flavor? ›

Popular boba flavor options include strawberry, mango, chocolate, vanilla bean, lemon, apple, and matcha green tea. Strawberry bubble tea is a favorite among kids and adults alike. Its sweet fragrance makes it a great summertime drink. There is no need to worry about getting sick after drinking this fruity treat!

Is boba good for children? ›

Bubble tea is safe for consumption if enjoyed in moderation, so an occasional cup is fine for kids and teens. To make it even healthier, parents can make bubble tea at home (and control what goes in it) with decaffeinated tea, homemade or store-bought tapioca pearls, their choice of milk, and their choice of sweetener.

Are boba teas healthy? ›

Potential Risks of Boba Tea

While there are some health benefits to consuming the green tea in some bubble team mixtures, most forms of boba tea also contain high levels of sugar. The amount of sugar you drink along with your boba tea can pose potential risks.

Why is boba tea so good? ›

The sweet taste of the tea paired with the delicious toppings make up the unique taste that bubble tea provides. Drinks like iced coffee or juice have the same texture but with bubble tea, the pearls offer a sort of “break” from the same boring consistency.

What's the difference between boba and boba tea? ›

On the eastern side of the US, many people call the drink, bubble tea and not boba whereas people on the western coast of the US prefer to call it Boba. Sure, it can be confusing, but it's not! They all refer to the same thing.

Is it OK to drink boba tea everyday? ›

Boba are basically all carbs — they lack any minerals or vitamins and contain no fiber. One bubble tea can contain as much as 50 grams of sugar and close to 500 calories. While one bubble tea here and there is unlikely to have severe effects on your health, it should absolutely not be consumed on a daily basis.

What are boba made out of? ›

Boba pearls are made of tapioca starch that comes from the cassava root, so compassionate customers can rest easy knowing that gelatin is not used in the making of these tiny balls of deliciousness.

Which boba drink has the most caffeine? ›

The most popular type of tea used in bubble tea cafes is black tea, which is the most oxidized form and so the most caffeinated. There is roughly 40-50mg of caffeine in 1 cup of black tea. To put this into perspective, a regular cup of coffee will contain about 80-110mg of caffeine.

Does boba milk tea have more caffeine than coffee? ›

espresso or bubble milk tea vs. latte, we find that coffee contains more caffeine. It's common to see coffee shops around many corners, but nowadays you can also see bubble tea shops located around restaurants, shopping malls, service shops etc.

Does boba taste like chocolate? ›

Boba or tapioca pearls give a characteristic boba flavor. They have a dense caramelized sugar flavor that comes from brown sugar syrup. The tapioca also has a flavor of its own. Though it is a mallow flavor when compared to chocolate.

Is boba like a gummy? ›

Tapioca pearls or boba are small beads of tapioca but a chewy, gummy bears texture that are added to drinks to enhance its flavor.

What boba tea do kids like? ›

What's the best flavor of bubble tea for kids? Any fruit flavored boba teas are the best for kids. This includes strawberry boba tea, mango, peach and dragon fruit. If they're not into fruit, then brown sugar or salted caramel are also great boba tea flavors for children!

Can a 10 year old drink tea? ›

There is no accepted safe amount of caffeine for kids under the age of 12. When deciding whether to give a child tea that contains caffeine, experts recommend being cautious.

Can I have boba while pregnant? ›

Like regular tea, boba tea contains caffeine, so you've probably wondered whether or not it's safe to drink when you're pregnant. Boba tea is safe for pregnant women provided it is made with pasteurized milk and heated or cooked toppings/additives.

Can 9 year olds drink coffee? ›

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no caffeinated coffee, tea, soda, sports drinks or other products for children under the age of 12, while adolescents between the ages of age 12 and 18 should limit their intake to less than 100 milligrams per day – about the size of an old-fashioned cup of coffee.

How much is too much boba? ›

"One to two cups a day should be fine, but you shouldn't consume anything in excess," advised Dr. Kushnir. "If you're drinking five or six cups a day, and you're noticing a change in your bowels, it could be a sign that you need to cut back or drink more water."

Are you supposed to eat boba? ›

The short answer to this question is yes. The pearls in bubble tea are entirely edible and safe to eat, and are what make drinking bubble tea a totally unique experience. In fact, it's important to remember that you should always chew the pearls in bubble tea before swallowing them.

Is boba Vegan? ›

The boba in bubble tea is often vegan, as tapioca pearls are completely plant-based, and popping pearls are usually made of nothing more than water, sugar, fruit juice and Alginic acid (found in algae), again, making it plant-based. Once again though, you should always ask to make sure.

What the heck is boba? ›

But what exactly is boba? The boba (aka the tiny, chewy black balls at the bottom of the drink) is made from tapioca, which is a gluten-free starch extracted from the root of a cassava plant. The actual drink is made from a tea base mixed with milk and flavoring.

Why is boba tea so addictive? ›

But if you love drinking bubble tea, you are actually addicted to its sugar. Did you know? Sugar is as addictive as cocaine! However, it is widely used as a 'legal drug' worldwide, as it causes addiction in the brain.

Why is it called boba? ›

The tea became known as boba because the term is slang for breasts in Chinese (a reference the spherical shape of the tapioca balls).

How much caffeine is in boba tea? ›

TLDR: Boba tea has an average of 50 mg of caffeine per cup. Typically you can expect 20 to 80 mg per drink, depending on the type of tea. Caffeine-free options like Taro are also available.

What does boba taste like? ›

Does boba taste good? The taste of boba can vary depending on the type of boba and the ingredients used to make it. Regular boba has a slightly sweet, chewy texture and a neutral taste. Some people enjoy the chewy texture and find it to be a fun addition to the drink, while others may find it unappealing.

Does boba tea taste like milk? ›

The tea base of bubble tea is normally served over ice, and combines steeped tea with milk and sweetener. It tastes just like it sounds - a milk tea!

Is boba more unhealthy than soda? ›

Brown sugar milk tea with boba has been found as the unhealthiest option with 18.5 teaspoons of sugar. For an easy reference, a can of regular coke contains 7 teaspoons of sugar; a cup of brown sugar milk tea with pearl is equivalent to 2.6 cans of coke.

Is boba full of sugar? ›

Boba milk tea, first became popular in the 1990s throughout Asia, and has gained more popularity in the United States and in Europe since 2000. Currently, available nutrition data from online sites suggest this beverage contains high amounts of sugar and fat.

Is boba or soda more unhealthy? ›

For instance, a 500ml cup of brown sugar boba milk can contain about 92g of sugar, about three times more than the amount of sugar in a 320ml can of Coca-Cola.

Is boba good for skin? ›

Tapioca pearls in bubble tea offer no benefits to skin and overall health.

Can boba cause breakouts? ›

Bubble tea

It is essentially a sugary cocktail of sugar, milk and tapioca pearls with little to no nutritional benefit, so it's no wonder that overconsumption can disrupt hormones and sebum production, triggering a slew of pimple breakouts!

Does bubble tea keep you awake? ›

Due to the caffeine content found in bubble tea, it is the perfect way to get a burst of energy whilst drinking. This energy boost derived from caffeine is said to give a much-needed boost of energy making you stay awake for longer, making it perfect for those cold and dark winter mornings.

Does boba tea have balls in it? ›

Bubble tea is a cold tea with boba, referred to as "balls" or "pearls" that look like bubbles. Boba is made from tapioca. Due to the tapioca ingredient, it means the "pearls" or "bubbles" don't dissolve quickly when expanded to their fullest. Hence, if you eat them without chewing, it can be hazardous.

Does boba have balls? ›

Tapioca pearls (boba) are small chewy balls made from tapioca starch. Typically, these spheres are black in colour and are used for bubble tea. Although boba has a gelatinous texture, no gelatin is used in the process of creation. Therefore, this makes these small chewy spheres vegan friendly.

Does Starbucks have boba? ›

Yes! The company recently launched Starbucks boba coffee popping pearls in the United States. The treats are reminiscent of tapioca balls, and they're filled with Brazilian coffee.

Which 3 drinks has the most caffeine? ›

Top 5 Drinks With the Most Caffeine Per Ounce
RankDrink and Serving Size in fl ozCaffeine Per Ounce
1DynaPep (.14 fl oz)714.3 mg/fl oz
2Tube Shot Energy Shot (.3 fl oz)666.7 mg/fl oz
3NRG MicroShot (.2 fl oz)650.0 mg/fl oz
4Liquid Caffeine (1 fl oz)500.0 mg/fl oz
1 more row
Jan 26, 2023

Does honey dew boba have caffeine? ›

You will usually find that the recipe is prepared without using any tea. Hence, this makes the everyday honeydew milk tea caffeine-free. However, if you want to add the extra punch of caffeine to drink, you can brew tea (loose-leaf or bag) and add it to the boba drink. Again, we recommend using Jasmine Green Tea.

Can you get caffeine-free boba? ›

That said, there are so many variants of boba drinks that are not based on tea and therefore have no caffeine in them. If you go to a boba tea shop, there will be plenty of choices for you to choose from, and most shops will have clear indications for caffeine-free options or other dietary information.

Can you get decaf boba tea? ›

Most of the teas used at a bubble tea shop will be caffeinated. However, many shops now offer caffeine-free or decaf versions of your favorite teas for those with a restricted diet. Some generally non-caffeinated options include: Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea.

Does boba have milk? ›

It depends—although traditional bubble tea is made with cow's milk, and is therefore not dairy-free, bubble tea can be customised to be made with non-dairy milk and other vegan alternatives. You can also get flavoured fruit bubble tea, which doesn't contain milk at all.

How much caffeine is too much? ›

The FDA estimates toxic effects, like seizures, can be observed with rapid consumption of around 1,200 milligrams of caffeine, or 0.15 tablespoons of pure caffeine.

What is the most loved boba flavor? ›

What is the flavour is black pearl boba? The most popular flavour of bubble tea, black pearl is also known as boba or tapioca pearls. They have a neutral taste that allows them to absorb the flavour of the tea or milk they are paired with.

Why is boba gummy? ›

Boba Tea, also known as Boba or Bubble Tea is a Taiwanese, tea based drink which often contains tapioca, known as Boba, or Tapioca Pearls at the bottom of the cup. These Boba are sucked up through an extra-large straw and are chewy, kind of like a gummy bear.

Is boba a drink or dessert? ›

Bubble tea (also known as pearl milk tea, bubble milk tea, tapioca milk tea, boba tea, or boba; Chinese: 珍珠奶茶; pinyin: zhēnzhū nǎichá, 波霸奶茶; bōbà nǎichá) is a tea-based drink that originated in Taiwan in the early 1980s.

What does strawberry tea taste like? ›

Strawberry Tea is a red, sweet, fruity, and freshly brewed tea flavored with fresh summer strawberries.

Does strawberry milk taste like strawberry? ›

Whipped strawberry milk tastes like strawberry shortcake in a glass. It's creamy, light and refreshing and looks adorably delicious, too, with its cloud of pink fluff.

What Flavour is strawberry bubble tea? ›

Strawberry boba tea tastes sweet and fruity like strawberries, with a cool, creamy texture from the milk and fun bursts of chewy boba in every sip. At a boba shop, you might enjoy pink boba tea flavored with a syrup or powder, which can have a more concentrated, candy-like flavor.

What does strawberry cream tea taste like? ›

Strawberries & Cream tea is our delightfully sweet black tea blend boasting distinct strawberry notes. Elevating the tangy freshness of the strawberries are vanilla and caramel notes. Together, these ingredients taste akin to a dollop of cream!

What is the original boba flavor? ›

Black Tea

The original bubble tea flavor is black tea, milk, sugar and tapioca pearls, and is a must-try and must-have on any boba cafe menu.

What is the most tasty tea? ›

Best Tea: The Tastiest Flavors For Your Next Cup
  • Thai Ginger Tea. ...
  • Organic Sencha Fuji Green Tea. ...
  • Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong Tea. ...
  • Rooibos Tea. ...
  • Chamomile Lemongrass Tea. ...
  • Indian Chai Spiced Tea. ...
  • Peppermint Tea. ...
  • Silver Moonlight Wild White Tea. White tea is a true tea that offers a delicate and nuanced flavor profile.

What is the most loved flavor of tea? ›

Mint Tea. Perhaps the most popular choice of flavored tea in the world is mint tea. Nearly everyone is familiar with the strong aroma and flavor of mint leaves since they are widely used in all types of cuisines. Refreshing mint tea is an excellent coolant for the human body, even when you drink it hot.

Why is strawberry milk pink? ›

Pink-tinged milk or “strawberry milk” occurs when red blood cells (RBCs) gain access into the lactation system. There are varying reasons this may occur, but luckily most of them are incidental and have no effect on the safety of the milk for the calf to drink.

Does strawberry milk exist? ›

Half Gallon / Quart / Pint. All the vitamins kids need to refuel after a day of play, and all the real strawberry flavor kids love. Try TruMoo Strawberry Milk.

Why does strawberry milk taste good? ›

Strawberry milk, a dairy-based beverage, is flavored by adding fresh strawberries, strawberry powder, or strawberry syrup to the milk. Strawberry milk, on the other hand, is sweeter than chocolate milk because it contains more antioxidants and vitamin D.

What flavor is pink boba? ›

Each bursting boba packs a delicate hint of pink rose accompanied with some sweetness. The addition of real rose petals within each boba gives it a unique flavor profile that's first of its kind on the market. It's complementary to salty or sweet foods.

What flavour is pink boba? ›

In this bubble tea recipe, cherries and hibiscus turn the drink hot pink. You can use other teas to make flavor variations, the options are endless.

What flavor is popping boba? ›

Some popular flavors of popping boba include mango, passion fruit, strawberry, green tea, honeydew melon, pomegranate, blueberry and kiwi.

Is Strawberry Tea good for you? ›

Enhances brain function, relief from high blood pressure, arthritis, gout, and various cardiovascular diseases. Beneficial for improving the immune system, preventing various types of cancers, and for reducing the signs of premature aging.

Does strawberry tea have caffeine? ›

If summer is one thing, it's wild strawberries. This naturally sweet and caffeine-free tisane is best served hot or iced, without milk.

Is strawberry flavor good? ›

Biting into a field-ripened, juicy strawberry is one of life's most exquisite taste experiences! Capturing strawberry's fruity-sweet, delightfully floral flavor and beguiling candy-like scent requires true artistry. Strawberry is one of the world's most popular fruit flavors, and with good reason.


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